Monthly Archives: January 2014

Learning Node.js Part 1 – require() and modules

When I first started learning Node.js, I did what everyone else does: I searched google for “nodejs tutorial”, picked one of the top choices, and followed along. While it was great, I eventually discovered that these tutorials skipped over a very important aspect of Node.js. Specifically, they never really go into how require() and modules… Read More »

Taking a rest day and reflecting on self

Yesterday was quite an interesting day. After working so hard for the past two months, I decided to take a rest day and not do any work whatsoever. None. Whatsoever. Sadly, it didn’t really work (I ended up doing some programming anyway), but I did notice something important about myself. Specifically, it was interesting to… Read More »

Goal updates 2014

God I hate writing blog posts. But I set a goal for myself to write one a week this year, so I’m going to stick with it. For this post, I’ll be improving my goals by trying to make them more specific and trackable. Health I want to become more fit – Follow a schedule.… Read More »

Happy New Years!

It’s that time again, a brand new year! I can’t believe it. It seems just like yesterday when I started my journey, but it’s already been almost a year. Time flies so fast doesn’t it? This year, I need some direction – I’m going to actually work on writing down my goals and track my… Read More »