How to set up Sortable in AngularJS – without jQuery!

The de-facto standard of sortable libraries is jQuery UI Sortable, but it’s a bit silly to use jQuery and jQuery UI when you’re already using AngularJS. Why should you have to include two other big asset files for one, small functionality? Here’s an alternative solution using this sortable library instead. First off, here’s the demo… Read More » launched!

I’m pleased to announce the official launch of my daily gratitude website! It’s a simple site for users to express their gratitude and share it with the world. So simple, in fact, that registration isn’t even needed – just go to the site and start writing your list! Backstory: I started writing my daily gratitude… Read More »

Learning Node.js Part 2 – “module.exports” and “exports”

In my previous post, I explained the basics of loading files/modules in Node.js. In this post, I’ll explain how to work with the return data. Specifically, I will describe what you get when you call something like var math = require(‘./math’). First, let’s talk about how to return data in a module. There are two… Read More »

Learning Node.js Part 1 – require() and modules

When I first started learning Node.js, I did what everyone else does: I searched google for “nodejs tutorial”, picked one of the top choices, and followed along. While it was great, I eventually discovered that these tutorials skipped over a very important aspect of Node.js. Specifically, they never really go into how require() and modules… Read More »

The math behind exercising – Time spent vs Time gained

I realize that this is not exactly scientific, but I thought it would be a fun exercise to do the math and see some numbers. From my past experience with the Insanity workout, each workout generally takes 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the exercise. For the purposes of this post, let’s try to be… Read More »

Taking a rest day and reflecting on self

Yesterday was quite an interesting day. After working so hard for the past two months, I decided to take a rest day and not do any work whatsoever. None. Whatsoever. Sadly, it didn’t really work (I ended up doing some programming anyway), but I did notice something important about myself. Specifically, it was interesting to… Read More »

Goal updates 2014

God I hate writing blog posts. But I set a goal for myself to write one a week this year, so I’m going to stick with it. For this post, I’ll be improving my goals by trying to make them more specific and trackable. Health I want to become more fit – Follow a schedule.… Read More »

Happy New Years!

It’s that time again, a brand new year! I can’t believe it. It seems just like yesterday when I started my journey, but it’s already been almost a year. Time flies so fast doesn’t it? This year, I need some direction – I’m going to actually work on writing down my goals and track my… Read More »

How to display, sort, and filter related model data in GridView

I thought I’d share how to process related model data in GridView. Starting off, we actually have two cases to consider. Let’s use the following three tables to demonstrate: From these three tables, you can see that the user belongs to a role and has a profile. Depending on the belongs to/has relationship, we’ll have… Read More »

Blog relaunched!

It’s go time. Time to put this site to use and hold myself accountable. New theme, new content, new direction.. I’m aiming for one blog post a week.